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Don’t let others Uberize your business! Airbnb changed the hotel industry, Uber changed ground transportation, so why can’t the same change happen to your industry?

In the new sharing and gig economies, in which technology facilitates and monetizes the sharing of particular tasks (“gigs”), services, and goods, appSizing Cloud Applications help you re-imagine your business.

All applications are integrated with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities to help you deliver the experiences customers expect, the talent to succeed, and the performance the market demands.
As consumers increasingly use their smart devices to consume information and purchase products, you will need to incorporate mobile into your communication strategies more and more

— from ensuring all marketing touches are mobile friendly to entirely new campaigns that take advantage of mobile.

appSizing provides a common technology framework for building, integrating, securing, deploying and managing web & mobile apps on any device.

Airport Ground Vehicle Operations
See how SAMSIC AIRPORT performs its door-to-airport transportation dedicated for aircrew (DHL / Air China / TNT / Air France / Emirates ...)


You need more than a technical expertise; you want a trusted advisor who can help you translate your business objectives into reengineered business processes and new technology solutions.

“As-a-service” model is probably the most fundamental change to the technology solution provider’s business model in decades. It’s critical that you get it right— and also that you get right on it! There is no time to lose. Your competitors may be working on their transitions already.

Moving your clients to the cloud will help you develop a stream of predictable revenue that makes your business more competitive and profitable, among many other benefits. Eventually, you will want as much of your business as possible to be on a recurring revenue model.

See how appyReward successfully integrated Oracle Sales Cloud (SaaS)



Customers are demanding to be heard and involved. Their inbox is fragmenting like never before. Marketers have to deliver the right message in more formats to multiple devices. Therefore, a platform that automates marketing processes becomes crucial.


While modern marketing automation started with email, you need today to combine information from your CRM system, social activity, your website and blog, buyer purchase history, and other behavioral information. With this complete view of a customer’s needs and interests, you can trigger relevant interactions at the right time, over any channel.

See how MyFanGroup uses an automated marketing application.


In a business of any size – especially one with an engaging web and social media presence –without the right tools to automate the planning, execution, and measurement of your customer interactions, it quickly creates oversize confusions and lost opportunities.

If you plan on growing and adding more clients, you need to have your act together on the back end. Today self-empowered buyers demand relevant, personalized conversations on their own timeframe. If you don’t provide that experience, they’re likely to opt out of your communications. But how do you manage individual dialogues with hundreds of thousands potential customers?

See how Miofid uses an automated business process application.

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